SPRINGFIELD, MO – Rob & Tristan host of a popular VLOG supporting the foster community announced on ROB & TRISTAN’S FOSTER LIFE that with the help of viewers they will give away a 1,000 duffle bags. “Many times kids coming into foster care have 10 minutes to pack everything they own into trash bag or Walmart sacks. In the same note the caseworker is telling them how much they care. Many youth Express this sends a very confusing message.” Rob stated on Monday’s Show. “Some feel like we send the message their things are trash.” Rob states. Tristin goes on to explain, “ Just the thought of showing up to a strangers home where you are going to live is tough, real tough. Then having your life in trash bags steels your dignity and is embarrassing.”


FOSTER LIFE’s company FOSTER TV LLC claims 250,000 kids on average will come into States custody this year in the United States. Most youth will have on average 8 placement moves while in custody. 85% of those moves will be done with trash bags or grocery sacks. FOSTER TV plans on giving away 4,000 duffle bags to State and private agencies within a year. If you would like to make a financial contribution to the cause visit

Foster TV is designed to support, teach, and wrap our arms around the community of Foster Care, Adoptive, Kinship Parents and Case Workers. We provide support, tools and supplies to the foster community. Currently in the United States 440,000 youth are in care. 


For More Information Contact:


Cyndi McDaniel

1708 E Saint Louis Street

Springfield, MO 65802

417-406- 3057


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