We need your help providing the Foster community with gifts during the Christmas Season. The Foster period of anyone’s life can be a dark storm, with hopes of light at the end of the tunnel. However, every child deserves a bright Holiday Season. Presents are not everything but, who does not love presents at Christmas. With your contribution we can make a child’s heart full of Santa’s sweet fluff by giving back. Giving can be more fulfilling then receiving, especially if it is for a child tossed in the storm of foster care. It is so simple to get involved, FOSTER TV™️ has collected roughly 50 families coast to coast who need help. The only requirement is the child must be in care. We help Biological Parents and Foster Parents in need.

ONE WAY TO HELP: Adopt a family, message FOSTER TV™️ we will assign you a family and go shopping. You can drop off your gifts, we can pick them up, or mail them directly to the family in need.

SECOND WAY TO HELP: Buy a gift card and send it to FOSTER TV™️. We will take your gift card and shop for families in need. 100% of your donation goes to families in need.

THIRD WAY TO HELP: Visit and click the yellow donate button. 100% of your donation goes to families in need.

Here are a few request we have gotten so far!

BLU 4 yrs: Hot Wheels, Helicopter, Batman stuff

Sam 5 yrs: Spider-Man, Dinosaur, Books and Cartoons

Haleigh 5 yrs: Coloring Books, Craft Stuff, Frozen things

Will 6mo: Baby Bottles, Socks, Baby Toys and Rattle

Cole 2 yrs: Cars, wood puzzles, Big Blocks

Levi 3 yrs: Trucks, farm animals, Balls, Books

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