ROB from Rob & Tristan’s FOSTER LIFE®️ Turns 50

I am turning 50 this week. My life has been an amazing ride so far. I learned in the past years that MOST Foster Youth when they come into care they move with trash bags and Walmart bags. From the first time I saw this with youth we take in I felt uncomfortable. Little did I know I was not the only one Trash Bag Moves did not Resonate well with me. I found out it has a huge psychological effect on youth.

Even as the foster youth becomes an adults trash bag moves still has a negative memory about being in States custody. Today, I want to ask my friends and family to donate $5 to buy a bag for kids coming into States custody. By doing this not only will you make a difference in a child’s life, it would be a meaningful gesture celebrating 50 years of life. Please go to our website and click the yellow donate button. It would mean the World to me.

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